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09 Mar 20
Martial art is one of the oldest combat sports, which have been practiced by humans for a long time. There are many forms of martial arts and most of them were developed for physical fitness and spiritual development. Martial arts can be defined as the coded system of combat practices that are used for self-defence and fitness purpose.

A lot of people simply don't have the time to fit in a visit to the spa or the fitness club to experience the health benefits of a sauna on a regular basis.

23 Mar 20

This is for all obese people under the sun.

30 Mar 20

I have been involved in the bodybuilding and fitness field for over 30 years and it amazes me that most people think of long runs on a boring treadmill or the use of clunky machines that are too heavy

09 Apr 20

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21 Apr 20
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Dancing Should Be Fun
Dancing should be one of the most enjoyable things you can do. We've all had that moment where our favourite tune comes on the radio, we're in our bedrooms and freak out in the craziest of dances. But the moment people step into a dance class many people lose this feeling.
16 May 20
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Exercise Bikes Buying Guide - Put Your Mettle to the Pedal!
Exercise bikes are one of the most popular home fitness machines on the market. These bikes give you an effective workout and promote a healthy lifestyle. You will have fun, enhance your fitness routine and burn calories with exercise bikes.
21 May 20
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Factors to Consider in a Turbulence Training Program
In as little as 45 minutes a day, three days a week, you can build muscle and burn fat with the workout plan called Turbulence Training. People have wondered if this sort of system is reliable and effective because it claims high return in a short matter of time.
25 Jun 20
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Fitness Ideas From a Pilates Instructor
If you need to get in shape, there is no better way than to join a Pilates class. There are many Pilates classes in cities and town all over the country, from LA to NYC.
25 Jun 20
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Fitness Equipment Bench
How can a seemingly simple bench become so important for professional and amateur bodybuilders? Yes, indeed, the fitness equipment bench may resemble a park bench but its importance in weight training cannot be overemphasized.
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17 Aug 20
Exercise bikes are a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness. They offer an effective workout to raise your heart rate, which boosts your body into fat burning mode. It is important for every person to fit in cardio workouts at least two to three times a week. Having a bike available is a great way to squeeze in your cardio workouts and actually enjoy working out.
03 Oct 20
Everyone wants to be physically healthy. All other areas of health actually will improve if your physical fitness is good. The challenge is becoming physically fit if you are already out of shape. With so much information out there that is supposed to give you the right information in regard to your physical health, it is hard to choose the ideal one.
27 Oct 20
Singer-actress Hilary Duff, Victoria Secret's Angel Miranda Kerr, and Beach Volleyball Olympic gold medallist Kerri Walsh all love the fulfilment of motherhood.  Thanks to their Pilates workout, their pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies have found the strength and balance they need to bounce back into their pre-pregnancy shape.
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04 Sep 20
What is wellness and where do we go to learn about wellness? Wellness is defined as our overall good health, and the condition sustained by healthy eating and fitness habits.We have so many places to turn for wellness information, that it would be impossible to cover all the possibilities in one article.However, we'll cover the most common places to look, and let the reader take it from there.
04 Oct 20
If you are a runner, you may or may not be aware of all available running gear. You can say "I am I have the shirt, shoes, and shorts, what else is?" The truth is, you can get something else, but there are some extras of the running gear that can make your series much more enjoyable experience.
05 Nov 20
Do you feel summer drawing to a close - causing you to overlook those fitness goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the season? Instead of slacking off as the days shorten and the temperature drops, you can use this time of year to pick up the pace and sprint toward your goals before the leaves fall and snow flies. Here are a few tips to keep you on track.1. Recommit.
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