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April 21, 2020
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Dancing Should Be Fun

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Dancing should be one of the most enjoyable things you can do. We've all had that moment where our favourite tune comes on the radio, we're in our bedrooms and freak out in the craziest of dances.

But the moment people step into a dance class many people lose this feeling. Many people who go to dance classes on a regular basis obviously do enjoy it. But are they stopping themselves from enjoying it as much as they should?

The thing that most people are worried about in a dance class are making mistakes, looking out of place and having other people being able to see you dance. Of course when you're thinking these things it's hard to be able to fully enjoy yourself and your dancing.

What really needs to be done is to attend dance classes on a regular basis until you can kind of get used to the environment and gradually disassociate yourself away from these feelings. And try and enjoy yourself regardless in the class, treat it as you would treat a day out. You're going out to have fun, not to necessarily perform everything you learn in the lesson perfectly.

I would even go as far as to say that it's essential to enjoy yourself in dance class. We all learn much more effectively when we enjoy what we're doing. It's not all down to the teacher, it's also down to the student and how they conduct themselves, their etiquette and how they approach and view the dance class.

Even if your goals in going to dance class are for fitness - which by the way is a great workout, it's important to have fun! It's easy to try and spend a few weeks getting fit but it takes either a high degree of discipline, otherwise a high level of enjoyment to continue a fitness regime beyond the initial spark that inspired you to get fit in the first place.

Achievement is very closely linked to how much you enjoy something. It is possible to achieve goals by pure commitment alone but then you're missing out on the fun. If your goal is to have fun, achievement and improvement will often come naturally. Just think back to when you were at school and the subjects you were best at were probably the ones you enjoyed the most.

So really the goal of every class should be to make improvement. So even if you make many mistakes that's an improvement in a sense because you know not to do it again. When your goals are just to do it for fun or to get better with every lesson then you WILL enjoy the class!


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