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June 25, 2020
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Fitness Equipment Bench

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How can a seemingly simple bench become so important for professional and amateur bodybuilders? Yes, indeed, the fitness equipment bench may resemble a park bench but its importance in weight training cannot be overemphasized. Its importance is such that, given a choice between fitness benches and extra weights for home and commercial gyms, we recommend starting with the former and then building your collection of the latter later on.

The question remains: What makes a fitness bench important for bodybuilders? Here are the most common reasons.

In most cases, weight benches are portable and, thus, can be carried from one place to the next with relative ease. Even when these benches are made from heavy-duty metal, these are still relatively lightweight especially when you have been working out in the first place. You can always ask for the help of others in transporting a piece of larger and heavier fitness equipment bench.

When the fitness bench is bolted into place, the aspect of portability is then absent. But this should not be a big deal considering that not all corners of the home gym are suitable for the placement of a fitness bench anyway. Keep in mind that a fitness bench must be placed in an area with sufficient elbow and leg room for the proper performance of the exercises, not to mention for adequate space for extras like dumbbells.

The most important benefit of the many types of fitness equipment bench is their versatility. We are not just talking about the way that a fitness bench can be used for weight training either. Take note that it can also be used as a chair inside the gym and as a place to temporarily put various lightweight odds and ends like towels after working out. Obviously, fitness benches are made mainly for weight training purposes. In this regard, we can mention three aspects of their versatility.

First, the adjustable fitness equipment bench can be, well, adjusted into varying positions depending on the user's needs. These positions are horizontal, inclined and folded although it must also be emphasized that there are also weight benches with fixed positions. These variations in positions allow for the performance of various exercises. For example, in a bench pull test, the weight bench should be horizontal while a bench press requires the fitness bench to be set on an incline.

Second, even a fixed position fitness equipment bench can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises using separate weight training equipment like barbells and dumbbells. As a result, you can work on virtually every muscle group on your body from the shoulders to the calves with the weight bench as the main piece of equipment. These exercises include but are certainly not limited to the following: barbell bench presses, incline dumbbell flyes, barbell incline shoulder press, crunches, sit-ups and dumbbell rows.

Lastly, many fitness benches can be upgraded with the addition of extensions like leg rollers. This way, you can perform leg exercises in addition to the usual upper body exercises.


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